KAFA: Child Registration (2020/21)
To enroll or re-enroll your children for KAFA (Kelas Al-Quran dan Fardhu Ain) run by SOFA College London, please complete the following registration process with the most up to date information. Filling in the email address below will provide you with an email copy of the registration form you submit. Please note, the age range for KAFA students is 6 - 16 years old.
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*New* Improvements
The management team at KAFA and SOFA College London are committed to continually raising our standards of Islamic Education for the children and youth in our community. We have therefore refreshed our curriculum and approach to teaching, as well as improved training for our staff, and this will be reflected in the coming academic year. Further changes include the gradual introduction of uniform items so students feel a sense of belonging and unity.
*New* Simplified Fee Structure
In improving the organisation of KAFA we have simplified our fee structure. The cost for one child attending KAFA is £50 per month, and it is a fixed £30 per month, for every additional child in that family attending KAFA. There is also the introduction of a reduced fee for parents who are currently studying in higher education, or with acute difficult circumstances (for more information please contact us at info@thesuffafoundation.org). Please also note that this online form is only the registration/re-enrolment process, actual fee payments will be arranged in September 2020.
*New* COVID-19 measures
We would also like to reiterate to parents and guardians that their children's safety is paramount to us. Due to this, we have numerous measures in place to combat the spread of the coronavirus. This includes a temporary socially distanced layout of the classes and prayer area, contactless hand sanitising stations, disposable prayer mats, a socially distanced queue system when dropping off and picking up children for KAFA and many more guidelines. We will release a full description of our KAFA COVID-19 plan in due course.
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