Application Form for the Hype-r-Active Team
Interest in intellectual discussion is a salient feature of the present youth population. In an attempt to foster productive dialogue on pressing socio-economic and political realities both locally and internationally, HYPE Sri Lanka is introducing a youth blog and quarterly magazine/ newsletter known as "Hype-r-Active". It's main purpose is to act as a platform for youth writers to express their views and opinions on issues pertaining to the youth.

HyperActive blog will consist of two parts,
1. Comprehensive updates on current events happening in the world/Sri Lanka related to the youth and any HYPE Sri Lanka programme.
2. Analytical and intellectual essays on issues pertaining to youth issues.

The Hype-r-Active Team is in the process of seeking the publishing of the magazine/newsletter.

If you are passionate about youth issues and wish to be a part to the Hype-r-Active blog and magazine please fill in the application form below by the 30th of April 2020. We will then call you for an interview based on your application.

All applicants must meet the following requirements.
1) Be between 15 years and 40 years of age.
2) Have access to the internet and a personal computer.
3) Able to devote 08 hours per week for the blog and athe magazine.
4) Interest in writing about existing socio-economic and political issues and/or has the ability to design templates for blogs and magazines.

All members of the Hype-r-Active team will receive a letter of service and a Certificate of Appreciation at the completion of their term.

The blog and the magazine will feature articles from all three languages. Hence the application form will be shared in all three languages. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE APPLICATION IS OPEN TO YOUNG PEOPLE FROM ALL PARTS OF THE WORLD AND IS NOT RESTRICTED TO SRI LANKAN NATIONALS.

For any clarifications and if you have any queries please feel free to drop an email to addressed to Minul Muhandiramge, Editor of Hype-r-active or give him a call on +94 76 661 2698
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Which of the following languages would you prefer to contribute to the blog and the magazine? *
Please note that you are not required to restrict your writing to one language. If you are applying as a designer please select the appropriate option given below.
Do you have experience in writing ? (Have you ever written articles, thesis, journalistic reports, creative pieces etc.) *
If you do not have any previous writing experience, please indicate the same as the answer to this question.
Why do you want to be a part of the Hype-r-Active online blog and magazine? *
(If you are applying as a designer) Do you have any prior experience in designing graphics and templates for blogs, websites, magazines etc.? If so please share such experience below. *
Even contributors are requested to fill this section if they are willing to assist in the design of the layout and the graphics for the magazine. If you do not have any previousin designing, please indicate the same as the answer to this question.
Can you contribute a minimum of 08 hours per week for the active operations of the blog and the magazine? *
If you answered "No" to the above question, how many hours per week can you contribute for the active operations of the blog?
Would you be willing and able to go out in to the field and do research on certain issues for the blog and magazine ? *
Are you currently involved with HYPE Sri Lanka or any other youth organization? If so please detail out your involvement. *
If you do not have any involvement with HYPE Sri Lanka and any other youth organization, please indicate the same as the answer to this question.
List the top three socio-economic and/or political issues you are passionate about. *
Insert the issues as 1. 2. and 3. below.
Thank you so much for your interest to be a part of the Hype-r-Active team!
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