Speedo Fit Tech Suit Day @HobieSwim (Sat. 6/19 2pm-4pm)
HobieSwim will be hosting a Speedo Tech Suit Fit Day in our Garden City store on Saturday June 19th from 2-4pm. In order to operate safely, sign ups are required for this event. Complete this form to register for a time slot. Submitting this form DOES NOT guarantee you a spot for the fitting. You will be emailed to notify you of the time slot given and you must CONFIRM for your spot to be held. Time slots may be removed from the options once they are filled.
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You will receive an email from HobieSwim@hotmail.com on Monday 6/7 to notify you which time slot your swimmer has received, you will need to confirm the time slot given to hold your spot.
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What suit are you interested in trying on? Try ons may be limited to 1-2 styles per swimmer as time permits. *
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