Northern Ontario #PPEforHCP - Volunteer Sign-Up
Thank you for volunteering for the Northern Ontario PPE for HCP Campaign! This is the first step to signing up for one of the projects within the campaign.

Some considerations:
1. All work is done from home. Volunteers do not have to leave their homes to complete any aspect of their valuable work within this campaign. Safety is #1.
2. This campaign runs 24/7, thus it is imperative that you are able to commit a significant effort into the project. Effort does not equate to time, as time commitments vary greatly depending on the role, however follow-through and engagement is necessary. Volunteers are working daily, but as we recruit more people, we hope to lighten this load and still get PPE to where it is needed. Volunteers are the most important part of this campaign!

Once this form is completed, the Director of Internal Affairs will follow-up and give you a bit of reading to catch you up on how the project is running and what your role will entail.

Looking forward to having you on the team!!


Sarah Mavin & Alannah MacLean
Co-founders, Northern Ontario PPE for HCP,
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