Family Who-ed 2019
It's back! The Doctor Who fan survey that feeds the dumbest game on the podcast network.

Fill in your responses, and see what our GPR contestants agree with!
Who's your favorite Doctor Who composer?
Name a companion from the "black & white" televised era of Doctor Who.
Name a non-humanoid species that has been inside the TARDIS.
Which Doctor's TARDIS interior is your favourite?
Name a food or beverage the Doctor enjoys.
Give a nickname by which the Doctor has been referred.
Name a real historical figure the Doctor mentions by name as knowing, but we never see on screen.
Name a story from the Seventh Doctor's era.
What's something you'd find in the Doctor's pocket?
Name something found on the TARDIS console.
Name a planet the Doctor has taken a companion on holiday (when NOT expecting danger).
Name a modern (post-2005) Doctor Who writer.
Name an episode directed by Rachel Talalay.
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