Family Who-ed 2019
It's back! The Doctor Who fan survey that feeds the dumbest game on the podcast network.

Fill in your responses, and see what our GPR contestants agree with!
Give a nickname by which the Doctor has been referred.
Name a modern (post-2005) Doctor Who writer.
What's something you'd find in the Doctor's pocket?
Name a companion from the "black & white" televised era of Doctor Who.
Name something found on the TARDIS console.
Name a story from the Seventh Doctor's era.
Name a real historical figure the Doctor mentions by name as knowing, but we never see on screen.
Who's your favorite Doctor Who composer?
Name a non-humanoid species that has been inside the TARDIS.
Which Doctor's TARDIS interior is your favourite?
Name a food or beverage the Doctor enjoys.
Name an episode directed by Rachel Talalay.
Name a planet the Doctor has taken a companion on holiday (when NOT expecting danger).
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