English Debate
"Words are thoughts of the mind that portray the emotions of the body through the fragments of your imagination"

Aagneya '19 presents English Debate, the platform you were waiting for to stage your opinions. This is not just a competition , it's a chance for you to prove how worthy you are for the title of 'The Best Debator'.
So don't let go of this oppurtunity 'coz the past cannot be changed but the future is still in your power. Aagneya'19 welcomes you.

Come, let's Debate

Prize Money : 5k


•A team of two is required.

•Topics will be given at random at the time.

•Debates would take place between two teams-one speaking in affirmative and the other in negative.

•The winning team will pass on to the next round.

•The number of rounds would depend on the number of participants.

•The decision of judges will be final and binding.

Date : 6th April, 2019
Venue : Greenfield International Stadium (Trivandrum Sports Hub)
Registration Fee : ₹80

Register now :

For further details contact :
Anju Ani Justus -8113056875
Navaneeta Padmakumar- 94002 75023

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