4H Performers Festival 2017 Registration
The Performers Festival 2017 will take place on Saturday, April 22, 2017 at 10:00am in the LaFollette High School Auditorium (702 Pflaum Rd, Madison) - enter in the Activities Entrance. Please plan to be set up and ready by 9:55am. You may arrive at LaFollette High School at 9:15am to get acquainted with the stage. Groups are expected to watch each other and to stay in the gym during the entire festival. Food and drink are allowed ONLY in the cafeteria outside the gym. We want to be awesome guests of this facility!

Please complete the following form in order to participate in the Performers Festival. Each performance should be registered separately.

There will be a piano available and two microphones set up. You must bring all other equipment you need for your performance.

When you have submitted this form, you should receive a confirmation message. Make sure you have registered (or are following) on the dc4hmusicdrama.wordpress.com website (and put it in your address book) so that you receive all of our notices and updates! This is where you will find parking directions and other information about the Performers Festival.

The guidelines for the Performers Festival are located on https://dc4hmusicdrama.wordpress.com/performance-guidelines/

Contact Lisa at musicisus@mac.com if you have any questions!

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Briefly describe your act. Give us a title, if you have one. We will use this information to introduce the act.
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Equipment Needs
What equipment needs does your group have? We will have two microphones, a digital piano and folding chairs available. If you will use a device to play music, let us know what kind so we can confirm accommodation.
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State Fair
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