Downtown Dewitt Farmers Market 2017 Farmers Market Vendor Application
The Downtown DeWitt Farmers Market is located in Downtown DeWitt, North of the intersection of Main and Bridge Streets. The 2017 season will start on Tuesday, June 6th and run through Tuesday, October 10th. There will be no market on Tuesday, July 4, 2017 in observance of Independence Day. Hours of operation are 4pm-7pm. Each vendor is required to arrive at that location by 3:15 PM and shall vacate after 7:15 PM. The Farmers Market Area will be closed to public traffic at 2pm each Market Day. Prior to becoming a vendor each vendor must read, sign and return a copy of the market rules and the 2017 Application. Please retain your copy of the Application, Market Rules, and your signature page for your records (pdf versions of these forms are found at

There are 18 markets this year. The Single Stall Daily Market Vendor Fee is $12.00/market, which would equal $216 for 18 weeks. The Seasonal Market Vendor Fee is $185 for the season, which is a discount over the weekly rate. Additionally, Seasonal Market Vendors paying by May 1, 2017 and who attend 15 of the 18 markets, will be eligible for a “Seasonal Incentive Refund” of up to 30% of your fee. Markets that are cancelled due to unforeseen conditions will not count towards the Seasonal Attendance.

Refunds will be mailed out on Nov. 17, 2017. Refunds will be determined based on attendance, as well as cooperation and adherence to the Vendor Rules and Market Policies.

Each stall will be approximately 12 feet in width and 17-20 feet in depth. A Seasonal Market Vendor may request their location for the entire season. Seasonal Vendor stall assignments will be determined by the Market Manager. Early applications are appreciated. Vendor longevity and previous compliance with Rules of the Market will be given consideration to determine acceptance into the market, as well as a factor in honoring location requests. Daily Vendors submitting Applications for less than a complete season will be assigned a space among what is available, once Seasonal Vendor spaces have been assigned and issued.

Vendors must be checked in with the Market Coordinator at or before 3:15 PM on the day of the Market or may lose their stall assignment. Vendors (or vendor representative) are REQUIRED to be present the ENTIRE TIME of the market. If you are unable to be at the market until 7:00 PM, do not participate in the market that day. For the safety of the customers, attendees of the market and other vendors, you are NOT allowed to tear down and leave during the hours of operation. Vendor vehicles must not be moved from 3:15pm until 7:15pm if parked within the Farmers Market area. Our Farmers Market is open until 7pm, and we will often have last minute shoppers and customers walking about in our Market Space during the closing minutes. For the safety of all, this policy will be strictly enforced. Vendors requiring special timing, will be required to park outside the official “market space”.

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