Value Chain Group -
Mission statement
Open Chambers mission is to increase the speed and velocity of money circulation to create preferable futures.

The Value Chain Group Powers open chambers and provides profitable growth services to its clients and in turn provides access to high net worth members . Value Chain provides the following services :
> Market research and customer insights
> Board Reporting & recommendation of strategies in line with industry challenges
> Material Transformation Change
> International Business Development across Open Chambers US , Europe , Asia
> Future Trends where "you know first and profit first" then we execute those trends
> Proactive Management of opportunities to achieve financial & business goals
> High Performance academy to create engagement
> Market Testing & Piloting
> Sales Improvement Programs
> Capital Raise with both debt and equity options
> Grants
> Product Development / extension
> New Business development and cross border international trade
> Growth Talent sourcing ( interim C level executives )

The process of working with Anton and his executive team is a beneficial as the results he achieves. At the end , you own the intellectual property and can access the tools to ensure outcomes are sustainable . Anton as Chairman of Open Chambers has established high net worth chambers where he can keep your business successful and has been appointed to the Victorian Government Advisory Board for International trade , innovation and Business.

Open Chambers has established Presidents that manage Chambers of Commerce in each key area both in Australia and Globally .

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Open Chambers - World Economic forum for SME economy
Anton Nekic +61412469882 or Value Chain Board , Victorian Government Advisory Board , Open Chambers Global Chairman
Mark Lowy + 61 419 518 825 or Value Chain Board , Project Management Inst President , Open Chambers Melbourne Chamber President
Value Chain - High performance global academy with New York Best time seller Brendan Burchard
Value Chain " know first profit first" Events .
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Value Chain Group clients are also provide access to Open Chambers Zoho as a platform to increase speed and velocity of money circulation
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