WCS 2016 Gardener Agreement
White Crane Springs Community Garden Agreement

Welcome to White Crane Springs Community Garden (WCS). We are a garden dedicated to enriching our community through active and engaged community gardening. The agreement that follows outlines how the garden runs, what you can expect from the garden and what the garden requires of membership. We hope you have a great gardening experience with us.


Maintenance of plots and fulfillment of community service obligations are paramount to the success of White Crane Springs Community Garden. Failure of garden members to fulfill these obligations will result in the following:

1. The garden member will receive an initial written (email) warning from the Membership Coordinator (or Treasurer in the case of dues).

2. If no response or correction has been made, the garden member will receive a second written warning two weeks after the initial warning.

3. Two weeks after the second written warning, if satisfactory correction has not been made, the garden member will receive final written notification that he/she has forfeited his/her plot and garden privileges.

4. The garden member will be allowed to reapply for membership after one year at the discretion of the Steering Committee.


Steering Committee: WCS is governed by an elected, volunteer Steering Committee. Major decisions that affect the garden are made by a general membership vote. The Steering Committee is generally comprised of one member for each of the following areas of interest: Membership, Land Use, Treasurer, Secretary, Workdays and Composting. The committee members are elected by the general membership and hold office for two years.

Meetings: One mandatory General Membership Meeting is held each year (Spring). Other meetings may be held throughout the year as needed. Meetings are opportunities for members to get to know one another, to share gardening knowledge, and to participate in how the garden is run. Arrangements must be made in advance with the Membership Coordinator if a member cannot attend the General Membership Meeting.


Plot Maintenance: All plots and adjoining pathways are to be well maintained. The weeding and maintenance of paths are the responsibility of gardeners who have adjacent plots. Members may not enter another member’s plot (i.e., plant, weed, harvest from) unless they have explicit permission.

Plot Landscaping: Plantings in the plot should not excessively shade neighboring plots. Permanent plants must not be more than five feet (5’) tall with the exception of pole vegetables (e.g., snap beans) on a temporary trellis.

Growing Season: Plots must be maintained year-round.


Number of Hours: Members must perform a minimum of 12 hours of community service per calendar year. Unless other arrangements have been made with the Membership Coordinator half of the hours are to be completed by July 1 or a warning will be issued. Upon joining the garden the community hour requirement for the first year is prorated to 1 hour per month to the end of December. There are several ways to fulfill the community service requirement:

Workdays: Community workdays are announced on the bulletin boards and by e-mail. They are held once a month, alternating either the first Saturday or Sunday of the month, from 10AM-Noon, but members may participate for a shorter length of time. Members must sign in and out on workdays in order to receive credit for community service hours. Community hours are not given for the pot-luck BBQ that follows each workday.

Meetings: Gardeners receive community service hours for attending any WCS meeting. The credit received is equal to the length of the meeting. Garden members are encouraged to attend Steering Committee meetings and will receive credit for those hours attended.

Special projects: Members may also fulfill their community service requirement by participating in special projects as approved by the Steering Committee.


WCS Provided Items: Water, hoses, wood chips, gardening tools, and wheelbarrows are provided by WCS and paid for out of plot fees. Tools are available for members’ use; tools may not be removed from the garden.

Water: Please do not waste water! Report leaks and needed hose repairs promptly to the Steering Committee. Members are asked to provide their own hose keys (also called sillcocks or hose bib handles; size is 5/16ths) for access to the water system.
These are easily obtainable at a local hardware store.

Trash: Gardeners are responsible for hauling their own garbage (i.e., plant containers, leftover hardware cloth, plastic fertilizer bags) out of the garden for proper recycling or disposal.


Organic Gardening: WCS is an organic garden. All members must abide by best organic practices. No herbicides or pesticides may be used, except for organic-based materials, such as iron phosphate for snail and slug bait.

Children, Guests and Pets: Children and guests should be instructed to refrain from walking on, damaging, or taking plants from garden plots that do not belong to them. Dogs must be leashed.

Behavior: Good conduct and civil behavior in regard to other gardeners, neighbors, and the public shall prevail at all times.

Vandalism, intoxication, gross incivility, or theft is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in the garden.


Membership: Membership is limited to San Francisco residents only. All members must provide a valid San Francisco street address. Membership covers individuals living in the same household (same address). All mail sent to said address shall be considered delivered. Members must inform the Membership Coordinator of changes of residence or mailing address, phone number, e-mail address as well as extended absences.

New Members: New members are required to attend an orientation session and a workday within 90 days of joining the garden. Orientation sessions are generally conducted on the same day as the monthly workdays. New Members are also required to demonstrate active gardening in their plot within 60 days. Failure to begin active gardening within the first 60 days will result in an automatic forfeiture of the plot unless an arrangement has been made with the Membership Coordinator.

Plot Assignment and Fees: Newly available plots will be assigned by the Membership Coordinator to the first person on the waiting list. To optimize opportunities for participation, San Francisco's Recreation and Parks Department limits each person to one plot and two plots per household, i.e., address. A member in good standing*, after one full year of membership, may request a different plot and will be placed on the waiting list, or a household membership in good standing may request a second plot and be placed on the waiting list. Fees are not pro-rated based on date joined. Seniors (65+) may request a discounted rate of $15 per plot per year. New member's fee for plot is due upon joining.

All renewal fees are due January 1 and delinquent after 30 days. Failure to pay dues will result in termination of garden membership.

*Good standing is defined by volunteer hours up to date, dues paid promptly, and actively maintaining current garden plot.

Warnings: Failure to maintain plots or fulfill community service hours will result in a warning process as described above in “CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION.” Any warning notice sent by e-mail or through the mail will be considered delivered. A total of three (3) warnings for any reason or reasons during the calendar year will be grounds for immediate forfeiture of gardening privileges and plot.

Arbitration: A member whose membership has been terminated may request an arbitration hearing to show good cause to reinstate his/her membership by appealing to the Steering Committee in writing within two weeks of the date of the final warning notice. The Steering Committee shall appoint an Arbitration Committee composed of five garden members in good standing, one of whom shall serve as the Committee Chair. The names of the members serving on the Arbitration Committee shall be posted on the Yahoo Group site and Main Bulletin Board in the garden. The decision of the Arbitration Committee is final, binding, and with no further recourse.

I have received, read and understand the rules and conditions stated above for participation in White Crane Springs Community Garden.

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