NCUUCC Bridge Scholarship Application
As an all-volunteer organization, NCUUCC encourages all of its campers to participate in making camp work. Some campers volunteer to just to be part of the community that makes our camps happen. Others also volunteer to have a portion of their room and board costs covered. However, there are some campers who are not able to work a full time staff position. We believe that every camper has something valuable to offer our community. In the efforts to promote inclusion, the board is establishing a “Bridge Scholarship” to help cover the gap between what volunteer work the campers are able to do and what they can pay to attend a participating camp.
If you find you need assistance in order to attend a camp this year, please complete and submit an application as soon as possible.

Since advance planning is crucial to making this program work, applications must be received by 4/15/22 for Family Camp.

Please note: The amount of funds available for our “Bridge Scholarship” is limited. The scholarship committee anticipates these funds may not cover all the need that comes to our attention. Therefore, the committee would like to know a little more about you to help guide us in our decision making. We realize that the information requested may be of a sensitive nature. This is why all the information submitted in this application must be kept CONFIDENTIAL. However, the more you are comfortable in sharing, the more equitable and informed the committee’s decision will be.

We look forward to seeing you at camp!
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