Bli Undergruppare i Squvalp 2018!
*Information in English will follow*

Nu rekryterar Squvalpstaben Undergruppare! Squvalp hålls i Rålambshovsparken, på Smedsuddsbadet, den 11e och 12e maj 2018. För att anordna det bästa Squvalp Rålis någonsin skådat behöver Staben hjälp av duktiga och motiverade studenter som vill vara Undergruppare under Slutfesten. Alla är välkomna att ansöka!

Som Festundergruppare får du på Slutfesten t.ex. erfarenhet av att servera, vara brandvakt och stå i bar. Vill du vara med och undergruppa på en av Sveriges största studentsittningar med häftig show och efterfest? Sök då Festundergruppare!
Som tack får du en grym tackfest efter eventet! Festcheferna behöver minst 30 personer!

Ansökan är öppen för studenter från alla olika skolor och universitet.

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*English version*

Squvalp Staben (the staff who arrange Squvalp) are now recruiting Undergruppare (volunteers)! Squvalp is a fun, student-organized event happening the 11th and 12th of May 2018. We are now looking for volunteers for the Final Party. All students are welcome to apply!

As an Undergruppare at the Final Party you can among other things get to serve food, work in the bar or be a fireguard. Want to make one of Swedens biggest student-"sittning" happen (it's an awesome Swedish student tradition which includes eating, singing, a great show and after party)? Take your chance and apply to be Undergruppare at the Final Party!

To thank you for your work you will get an awesome thank-you party afterward! We need a lot of help with the Final Party and want at least 30 Undergruppare! We look forward to your application and will contact you when you have handed in.

The application is open for all students from all schools and universities.

For more information in English, or if you have questions, please contact

*Party Managers (Festchefer) are members of Squvalp Staben, the staff who arrange Squvalp. Our Party Managers are responsible for arranging the Final Party.

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