Developh: State of Tech — English Survey
The State of Tech project assesses how students in the Philippines today experience and grow across technology and innovation in their campuses and individually.

It's reported that 52% of IT students are unhirable. The Philippines is at the bottom of countries in Southeast Asia being invested in. At Developh, we believe that some of that might be because of the lack of student-centric focus in tech development today.

This individual response survey will help us gather insights on student experiences with tech. Please share anecdotes, your personal thoughts/feelings, and your experiences—we'd love to hear it.

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If you are a current college student, please write your course/major. If you are in high school, please write your strand (if any). Example: STEM or General Academic; or BS Computer Science or BS Information Technology Entrepreneurship
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🖥 Education
Tick the technology topics that were offered in your high school: *
Aside from the basic skills mentioned beforehand, are there any other more advanced skills you are familiar with? Did you pick these skills up at school?
For example, advanced web development with frameworks, game development, advanced computer science topics, etc.
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Was technology/computer science a required (core) class in your school? *
I feel like my teachers were sufficiently equipped to teach my technology classes/subjects. *
I feel that my school's curriculum sufficiently covered the basics of technology and computer science. *
Did your school offer opportunities to explore computer science outside of your classes? If so, tick what opportunities were offered:
I feel that my school encouraged and promoted technology and computer science. *
I personally felt like I had access to enough resources to explore technology. *
Regardless of whether you accessed these or not--were the materials and people around you sufficient?
Most of what I know about technology is learned from my school and classes. *
Regardless of whether you accessed these or not--were the materials and people around you sufficient?
(If you're pursuing a tech-related course now) I feel like my high school prepared me enough for my course.
What barriers or problems did you encounter in getting involved with technology, if any?
Maybe it was too intimidating, or maybe there isn't enough guidance from your school. Let us know.
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What would you change about the way technology was approached in your school?
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What resources have you availed to build on your work in tech? *
How competent do you feel in comparison to your peers?
Which career do you ideally want to pursue after graduation?
If the career isn't in tech, is there anything that prevented you from pursuing a path in it?
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What are your ideal companies to work in after graduation?
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This section is optional.
What do you hope to accomplish through tech?
What are your hopes or visions for the tech industry?
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What clubs, communities, activities, or opportunities do use to explore technology?
Feel free to share activities that are outside of your school! Online projects, other organizations, personal projects, etc. are all welcome.
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(For creators/founders) Do you have access to support for projects or ventures? What are the main ones you utilize?
Entrepreneurial centers, accelerators, help from peers, etc.
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Who is one person in technology you admire?
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Do you feel welcomed and included by the local tech community?
Thank you!
This is one part of our work for the State of Tech survey. Thank you for joining in and sharing your thoughts as student technologists!

For questions or ideas about our work, please feel free to reach out to us at To stay updated with Developh, join our mailing list at and/or our official Facebook group at
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