2019-2020 Arts Infusion Request Form
Please check the box before each artist or session you are requesting. Submit by Friday, September 6, 2019 for the priority deadline. Teachers will be notified if there is availability another round of requests in January 2020. Local artists and organizations will receive your request and contact you directly to schedule your classroom. You will be contacted by Anna V. Pauscher to schedule a time for visiting artists approximately two weeks prior to their visits.

After each artist visit, a short online survey will be sent to the participating teacher(s) to collect feedback on programming and curriculum connections to better understand program impact.

Activities will be scheduled with every attempt to fulfill your wishes, however, resources are limited and it may not be possible to meet every request. PLEASE CONTACT ANNA V. PAUSCHER (785-309-5770 or anna.pauscher@salina.org) WITH ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS.
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