Pledges to support #AfghanEvac
*Please do not fill this form out if you are seeking financial support*

Please fill out this form to indicate your willingness to support efforts to help folks on the ground in Afghanistan, those in third party countries, and in resettlement efforts upon arrival in the US. This effort is simply to ensure resources are not a limiting factor for coordinating efforts to get women, children, and our wartime allies out of Kabul.

#AfghanEvac is a self-organized coalition of 90+ groups, composed of veterans, current and former members of the national security space, members of human rights-focused non-profits, Hill staffers, private sector employees, and others who evacuated Americans and Afghan allies from Afghanistan. Together, the coalition has been facilitating connections, sharing information and deconflicting activities to unlock solutions with the unified objective to save as many lives as possible.

Additionally, we lead regular meetings coordinating across the US government and private organizations working hard with the shared purpose of helping all eligible Afghans escape to a better life.

Information in this form will not be shared with anyone but those who absolutely need it and only over encrypted channels.

* This form is not to signup to receive money, only to donate in support. *

You can check out our website at for more information.
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