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Your quote that will be included beside your grad photo in the yearbook must be 140 words or less. Please make sure that your quote is APPROPRIATE for the school’s yearbook, by this we mean, no inappropriate language or offensive content. If you submit a quote that is inappropriate it will not be accepted in the yearbook and you will not be allowed to submit a new one, leaving you with no quote beside your photo. Be creative when writing your quote, you can allow a friend or family member to write it about you, quote one of your favorite athlete’s, talk about your time at Citadel, what you plan on doing in the future, or anything you want. The deadline is March 15th so be sure to submit your quote before then. When typing your quote please only type what you would like to be seen written beside your grad photo. If you want quotation marks, a period at the end, etc. please be sure to include them within your submitted quote under the indicated section.
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