Call for Participants: 2021 Course Transformation Institute
Thank you for your interest in the Course Transformation Institute (CTI), an annual CTL program that supports instructors in re-imagining teaching and students’ learning through evidence-based practices and the opportunity to engage with colleagues to design significant student learning experiences.

The 2021 CTI focuses on supporting disciplinary-based groups as they transform their identified courses to further a department or program level goal. Each disciplinary-based group will examine fundamental course structures while uncovering big ideas and essential questions, explicate the student thinking goals, and develop an implementation plan to work on during Spring 2021. An emphasis is placed on developing learning experiences in online courses AND in highly flexible instructional contexts where students move between learning modalities within a course (face-to-face, online, blended, asynchronous/synchronous, etc.) to further institutional and program level goals; however, projects are not limited to this emphasis. For example, a department may be looking at ways to eliminate historical equity gaps in several gateway courses that could increase their overall success rates and enrollment, or groups may wish to substantively integrate a learning technology to increase student engagement. Please contact the CTL with any questions or to brainstorm ideas.

Benefits & Incentives:

- $1500 for each participant (limit 20 participants)
- $2000 for each department (limit 5 departments)
- Grant-funded: Faculty will receive financial compensation for participation and completion of commitments.
- Hands-on assistance and consultation in the process of transforming a course, including focusing on design, content, pedagogy, and technologies
- Opportunity to work in disciplinary groups
- Fresh perspectives from colleagues in other departments
- Ongoing consultation and support beyond the Institute
- Receive a letter of completion for your professional development portfolio


- Approximately 20 hour time investment during Spring 2021
- Complete self-review of relevant course transformation elements using the CTL QLT instrument
- Connect with CTL staff to manage and update work progress
- Share your course transformation products with your colleagues for formative feedback
- Present your course transformation work in the 3rd annual HSU Teaching Excellence Symposium in Fall 2021

Please complete this application form and submit by January 22, 2021. Participants will be selected and notified by January 29, 2021. An information session will be held on February 4, 2021.
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What questions do you and your colleagues want to ask about student learning in your program/s? Why are these questions important? If these questions are answered, what do you think can or will happen with the information?
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