Premier Realty Inc 2301 W. Newport Pike Wilmington, DE 19804

Thank you for renting from Premier Realty, Inc.

It has been a pleasure working with you.

You must provide a forwarding address in writing in order for your security deposit to be returned. Fax or mail your new forwarding address and phone number to Premier Realty Inc. If you wish the security deposit to be split among roommates, you must provide a letter with your request signed by all parties.

Completing the following items will help ensure that you get the highest possible amount of your security deposit refunded back to you.

1. General cleaning: Carpets vacuumed or professionally cleaned if needed, floors mopped, appliances thoroughly cleaned out and wiped down, countertops and cabinets wiped down, bathroom sink, shower/bathtub, and toilet scrubbed, all surfaces wiped down including air vents, ceiling fans, window sills, etc. – Refer to section 38 of your Rental Agreement for more information regarding move out cleaning.

2. All trash must be removed from property and a trash pickup scheduled. It is your responsibility to make sure your trash company has completed the final pickup even after you have moved out.

3. Grass must be no more than 3 or 4 inches high on your day of move out.

4. Touch up painting to cover any marks on walls. It is your responsibility to contact the office for the correct color for the touch up paint.

5. If you have oil heat, please call your oil company to schedule an oil tank reading. If your oil company will not conduct a reading, call our office for a reading.
6. If you have changed the locks, return the old ones (failure to return locks will result in a $50.00 fee).

7. If you have a fireplace and have used it during your tenancy, please make sure it is cleaned out.

8. Premier Realty Inc will call to have utilities transferred on the last day of your lease term. Utilities must remain turned on and in your name until the day that you return possession of the property.

9. Call the office to schedule a move out inspection of the property. You may schedule an initial inspection to get advice on what needs to be done to the property before you move out. Schedule the final inspection after the property is completely empty of all personal belongings and trash.

10. If you have a pet, you must professionally clean the carpets and provide a copy of the receipt to the office.Failure to provide the receipt will result in a charge deducted from your security deposit.

11. Turn in all keys to the office on the day you move out. If you are leaving the keys in the office dropbox, make sure they are clearly labeled with the property address. Please do not leave keys at the house. Returning the keys signifies that you have given up possession of the property. If you do not return possession of the property on your scheduled move out day, you will be subject to Holdover Tenancy and will be required to pay double rent.
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