2021-22 McKnight Theater Artist Fellowship: Intent to Apply
I intend to apply for the 2021-22 McKnight Theater Artist Fellowship.

For Minnesota Theater Artists

Note: No one will be prevented from submitting a final application if they have not provided the Center advance notice of intent to apply. However, it is in your best interest to notify us of your intent to apply as early in the process as possible.

Special note: We are very aware that the majority of theater artists in Minnesota have lost opportunities for live performance as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that restrictions on public gathering will continue throughout this application cycle. We do still want to offer the chance to submit an intent to apply for this fellowship to be sure that you are invited to information sessions and so that you can let us know about work that you are doing on a digital/distanced platform.

We are hoping to help artists apply for this fellowship in a few new ways this year, including:
-increasing the permitted length of the work sample. You will be able to submit up to two of the following formats: up to 6 minutes of audio, up to 6 minutes of video, and up to 15 images
-providing two information sessions about the fellowship
-providing two information sessions focused on writing artistic statements, in partnership with Springboard for the Arts
-producing an information session focused on creating a digital work sample, in partnership with Springboard for the Arts.

We will let you know when these special sessions are scheduled.

Please note that the selection panel will be considering any work from this year along with past work and weighing all equally - if you do not have any work happening this year, that will NOT count against you in any way.

As always, the artistic staff is available for any questions you might have or assistance you might need in putting together your application. If you are a previous applicant who has not requested feedback on your last application, feel free to do so by emailing applicationfeedback@pwcenter.org.
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