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Use this form to request access to the Latitude Hangar located 2950 N Cessna Ave.
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REQUIRED, and not just to call you if we need to for some reason as part of the after hours access. We'll use this to send you a Guest Access Invitation via the August Smart Lock system, or your key code, or both as appropriate. The app is free on iOS and Android, but you do have to create an account with August in order to use your smartphone to unlock the doors.
Statement of Understanding *
I am requesting the privilege of after-hours access to the Latitude Hangar for the purpose of study, aircraft rental or preflight activities, pursuing a course of instruction, or other such activities as may be expected at a flight school. I understand that this is indeed a privilege, and my continued access (as well as the overall privilege for all customers of Latitude) is contingent on my stewardship of the aircraft and facility that by my very presence, after hours and probably alone for a portion of the time, means I have accepted responsibility for my actions and behavior while on the premises. I further accept that I may be under video surveillance while on the premises or on nearby surrounds with Company equipment or other video systems as may be present at a high security location like an airport. On the subject of security, when coming and going from the Latitude Hangar after normal business hours, I agree to partner with Latitude using the technology installed on the access doors to secure the building as befits an airport and specifically a building with valuable airplanes and equipment inside. This means I lock up when I leave, even if it's for a short time. Finally, I accept notification that Latitude may terminate my access to the building after hours at any time, with or without cause.
Instructions *
To use the keypad, simply enter your requested PIN and push the red August logo button to lock and unlock the deadbolt. You'll hear it work.Your smartphone can work as the key once you install the August Home app (free) and go through the steps to accept the invitation and create an account. Then you can control the door by simply opening the app (it seems to know you're at the hangar, and opens automatically to connect to the front door lock) and pushing the button on screen once it connects.
Never submit passwords through Google Forms.
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