CVC Online Survey
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1. How are you primarily engaging with the CVC worship service?
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2. Whichever worship service you are attending, what is going well?
3. What do you feel is working in our church's overall response to Covid-19 and the other crises we are living through?
4. Regarding Covid-19 and meeting in small groups, Do you feel safe to participate?
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4a. Why or Why not?
4b. What could be done to help you feel safer?
5. Are there teaching topics and/or training that you feel you would benefit from in this time of crisis and change? Can you think of areas you would like to grow in that would help to empower your life during this difficult season?
6. What would you like the focus of the pastors and leaders of the church to be in this season? What is a felt need that the leadership of our church could better meet?
7. Is there anything else you would like to communicate to us that would help us lead the church well during this season of difficulty?
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