Rim of Africa - Application 2020
Please complete this form to apply for a place on the 2020 Rim of Africa - Cape Mountains Traverse.

Click on the submit button at the end. The information required is for your safety while hiking.
Please be accurate regarding your health status and any medication you may be taking.

If you are applying as a couple or team, please each complete your own individual application and indicate in the last question who your partner is. Have fun filling this in, its quick and easy.

Once we have confirmed our prices for 2020, and confirmed your place, we will send you an Invoice.
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Select your Traverse/s
Please select the traverse(s) you would like to hike or choose multiple traverses back to back, or select the Thru-Hike if doing all of them. The rate is R595 per day + R2,500 non-refundable registration fee per traverse. Total cost, including deposit per traverse is listed below.
Traverse 1: 24 - 30 September
Traverse 2: 30 September - 5 October
Traverse 3: 5 - 11 October
Traverse 4: 11 - 18 October
Traverse 5: 17 - 24 October
Traverse 6: 24 October - 2 November
Traverse 7: 2 - 8 November
Traverse 8: 8 - 15 November
Traverse 9: 15 - 20 November
Thru-Hike: 24 September - 20 November
Motivation Statement *
All hikers are selected based on a motivation letter and level of hiking experience. Share with us why you will gain from this experience, why you are motivated to join a group of people who enjoy hiking the Cape Mountains, and share a little about who you are and why completing a traverse or a series of traverses on this journey is important to you. In short share with us why one of the places available should have your name on it.
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Most recent hikes or trails you have completed: *
List the hikes and trails you have done in the last two years.
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Preparation Hike
Please indicate which preparation hike you wish to attend, to get some training in and to learn more about what it takes to hike on the Rim of Africa.
Select your Off-Path Preparation Weekend *
These weekend hikes are essential to help you prepare for the technical and off-path nature of the Rim of Africa. We highly suggest you try and make at least one of them. These weekends require car-pooling, own transport and food and gear. We supply tents at R150 for the weekend (limited tents available).
Donation to Rim of Africa Projects
An additional focus of the annual traverse is to help raise funds for the projects we run as a non-profit organization.

Please select the projects you would like to support below and the amount you wish to donate PER TRAVERSE.
Select the Project(s) you wish to support with your donation
If you choose more than one project, we will share your donation equally.
Select your Donation Amount PER TRAVERSE *
In addition to the daily rate of R595 + R2,500 deposit per traverse, please indicate the donation amount you wish to make PER TRAVERSE. This will be included in your invoice.
Please indicate which transfers you wish to take. The cost of these are R550 each way.
Cape Town to Mountains *
Mountains to Cape Town *
We have a limited supply of single and two-person tents available @ R50 per day rental. These are state of the art light-weight MSR tents.
Select your Tent
Where did you hear about the Rim of Africa?
Medical Details
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Questions and Comments
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Thank you
Thank you for taking the time to apply.

We look forward to meeting you in the mountains.

Best wishes,

Rim of Africa - Annual Traverse Team
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