The Oldstoberfest Picket Fence Market Application - Picket Fence Goes Country!
On September 15, 2018, located right at the Olds Regional Exhibition Grounds, steps away from the arena! We plan to have rodeo tickets available on site, beer gardens, live music as well as some sweet swag!

To ensure our market is successful from application to clean up, we would like to give you some information/policies about the market. Please review below to make sure this is the best fit for your amazing business!

Before you apply make sure you read over the following information:

Who is this market for?

The Picket Fence Market prides itself on sourcing out talented local artisans, makers and curators of unique products. At this time we will not accept any direct sale companies.

How do I apply?

The Link to the applications can be found on our website. (if you’re here, keep completing the form and you’re on your way!) We open the applications up 5-6 months prior to the market date. Once we close applications, we complete our review process and select vendors to attend our market. Once you are notified we request payment within 48 hours of receiving your invoice.

How are applications reviewed and vendors selected?

We receive an incredible number of applications for each market, and narrowing down our choices is always difficult! We want to ensure there is a limited amount of each businesses in each category, this is for the benefit of both the shoppers and the vendors. We want a dynamic show that does not oversaturate any of the categories. We will review applications, social media, and websites carefully, and make our decisions based on your product and style based on what our market has to offer.

How much are booth fees?

Booth fees range from $120-180 for the spring and holiday markets, and $120-230 for the Rodeo Pop Ups.

Can new designs be added to my booth after approval?

As we choose our vendors carefully based on the products they have to offer, we request you give us the heads up on all new products being added to your inventory. If the items overlap with other categories or booths, we may request you hold on to them for your own shop or upcoming shows.

What’s included with my booth?

Your booth will be clearly marked off. During the application process you will be given the option to add a table which will be set up for you with a chair. You may also request a wall and power, this will be granted due to space and availability.

What do I need to do to sell food?

If your products include food (baking/ preserved goods etc.) you must follow the regulations of the Public Health Inspectors Office.
The following form must be completed and provided to the local office:
At this time, we are not allowing food samples at our market due to the venue and regulations within our contract. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Can my booth feature another maker?

We understand if your business it a partnership, if your booth ‘features’ another maker, we need to know, and will advertise accordingly on your behalf.

If I am a returning vendor, do I still have to apply?

Prior participation doesn’t guarantee acceptance to future markets, you will need to apply for each market.

Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation: If you need to cancel, and remove yourself from the list of vendors, we request as much notice as possible.
-If cancelling 4 weeks before the event a 50% refund of your rental will be sent to you.
-If cancelling after 4 weeks, there will be no refund issued


It is our responsibility to ensure that we have a successful show for you. We will advertise on social media platforms, and through different avenues within Central Alberta. The day of the event we will have signage clearly marked to ensure the most exposure.

We are so excited to be partnering this summer with the Oldstoberfest team to launch our first Rodeo Pop Up Market! Oldstoberfest utilizes, the local radio station, the local papers as well as a section in the program! The market will be advertised from both avenues for maximum exposure.

What can you do? We strongly recommend that you also advertise on your own social media platforms, as we want to have the most successful show possible for everyone!

It's simple... More People=More Sales, advertise, advertise, advertise.


My Booth/ Display?

You must have a unique and creative display that will not damage the hall or any property. You will be responsible for the set up and take down of your assigned booth area. The take down will be a little different in this venue, as we have limited time due to the Beer Gardens being in the same location after the market. All Vendors must have their items completely removed from the grounds by 5:00pm

We request a ‘leave it as you found it’ policy of your own area.


What else can I expect?

As this event is open to all, we are going to be having a silent auction to raise money for The Olds Hospice Society! We request that everyone donate one item for this amazing cause. IF this is a concern for you, please ensure it is brought to our attention immediately. Last Year we brought in over $1000.00

We are not accepting Direct Sale Companies.

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