Entry Form - Int'l Botanical Art Show Seoul Korea 2020
Thank you for your interest in Int'l Botanical Art Competition 2020, hosted by Korea Botanical Art Cooperative(KBAC) and sponsored by Staedtler Korea.

Through this show, we hope you will have the opportunity to interact and inspire many new artists from all over the world and enrich your world of botanical art.

Before submission, please check the following conditions to participate in the competition.
Rules and Conditions
1. Submission
1-1. An entrant can submit up to three artworks.
1-2. In addition to this form, the original artwork, reference photos taken by the artist, and entry fees must be turned in to complete the submission.
1-3. A confirmation of submission will be sent via e-mail.

2. Artwork requirements
2-1. Artwork must be the original, uncopied work of the entrant.
2-2. Artwork should be 2D and size of the work must be Quarto (394x545mm).
2-3. There is no restriction of paper or materials.
2-4. The background of the plant can be described in the work if ecologically correct.
2-5. Characteristic parts or the growth process of plant can be included. In the case, scale bar must be specified.

3. Disqualification
3-1. If the information turned in this submission form is false.
3-2. If the artwork is not original (including image scan output.)
3-3. If the work is describing photos taken by others.
3-4. If the work is plagiarizing someone else's work.
3-5. If the work has already been presented in other exhibitions or competition.
3-6. If the work is damaged in transit.
3-7. If it is revealed as above after the award, the award and prize will be canceled and returned.

4. Delivery and Insurance
4-1. If you submit your artwork by mail, confirmation of submission will be sent by e-mail when we get the mail.
4-2. Return date and delivery method will be announced later personally.
4-3. Insurance of artworks is the artist’s responsibility at the show and also in transit. KBAC will endeavor to handle your work with care and respect but the insurance of artwork is the artist’s responsibility.

5. Fees
5-1. Initial submission fee is not refundable. (USD 30 for 1, USD 50 for 2, and USD 70 for 3 works)
5-2. Winners will need to pay the additional scanning and framing cost of USD 80 for the finalist exhibition.
5-3. Deposit account
Paypal ID : HDEPDKFFT9TVY or kbacoop@gmail.com

6. Awards and Privileges
6-1. Grand Award, Staedtler Award, and Sponsor Award are acquisitive awards. If you object to the purchase, the prize will be cancelled.
6-2. Artist in finalist will get cumulative KBAC Points.(100 for Grand Award, 20 for Staedtler Award, 15 for Sponsor Award, and 8 for Honorable Mentions.)
6-3. If your KBAC Points becomes 100 or more, you will be honored as an invited artist of KBAC and receive privilege to exempt invitation exhibition fee once.
6-4. Winners of the Grand and Staedtler Awards will be excluded from the next show for promoting more artists .
6-5. Depending on the result of the judging, the number of awards may vary.

7. Usage of Image Files (Finalist)
7-1. All copyright of the artwork and its images belongs to the artist.
7-2. The entrant will permit the KBAC to use the artwork and its images as an exhibition, reproduction, and distribution to the extent necessary to achieve the intent and purpose of the International Botanical Art Show Seoul Korea.
7-3. The KBAC may preferentially use the copyright of the winning works based on the copyright license agreement with the winners.
Confirmation of the Rules and Conditions *
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