Leadership/Administrator: The pastor should manage the affairs of the congregational organization through planning, decision making, delegating, evaluating, and managing conflict and stress. He should capably lead the church staff. *
Community Leadership: The pastor should be aware of and concerned with community needs, activities, and affairs and knowledgeably capable of addressing these concerns from a pastoral perspective, thus establishing respect in the community. *
Counseling: The pastor should set aside time to assist persons facing problems or decisions. *
Crisis Ministry: Ministering in the midst of crises, for example death, sickness, or other traumatic events of individual lives. *
Evangelism and Missions: Personally sharing the Christian faith, enabling laypersons to witness, and supporting missions. *
Family: The pastor should spend ample time with his family and be a positive leader in his own family. *
Pastoral Care: Ministering to, befriending, nurturing, supporting, reconciling, and affirming church members in their homes, informal contacts, and at church. *
Personal Growth: Strengthening himself and the church through private and public devotions, prayer and Bible study, availing himself of ongoing educational opportunities. *
Preaching: Making the gospel relevant to people’s lives through clarity in preaching. *
Stewardship Leader: Leading laypersons to develop and use individual and congregational resources. *
Teaching (Bible Theology): Communicating a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and Christian theology. *
Worship Leader: Planning and conducting worship services as a central event of the congregation in the gathered community. *
Vision: The pastor should be excited about his calling to the ministry and to our church. He should exhibit a vision of doing God's work here, and should enthusiastically share it with the church. *
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