Elderflower Womenspirit Festival
Workshop Application
Please submit this form as soon as possible.
There is a PDF version available on the website to print and send by mail. Or fill out this form. If you wish to be eligible for a discount be sure to use the same name as your registration If you have materials you would like participants to bring or gather, include that in the description
Edlerflower Womenspirit reserves the right to refuse workshop presentation requests.
This form must be received by June 15th in order to have your workshop description listed in the printed program.
Descriptions for the program can be received as late as June 15th if sent by email. Any workshop information received after that date may not appear in the printed program. If your description doesn't make it into the program, please bring copies to post at the festival. If you need to make changes or wish to cancel a workshop or have any questions, contact the EWF Workshop Coordinator at info@elderflower.org
Please complete a separate form for each workshop you will present.
Presenter's Name (match registration form)
Phone number & Email (in case we have questions)
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Title of your workshop
Workshop Description: (A short paragraph to entice and inform potential participants. Maximum of 100 words. Inform women of the content of workshop as well as any items they need to bring or any preparation required.
FIRST CHOICE: Scheduling information: (please note: We try to meet all scheduling and location needs. We request that you not make unnecessary changes at the festival)
SECOND CHOICE: In case there is a conflict and we can't schedule to your first choice.
Other comments regarding time/date?
Location (most outdoor locations are shady with some afternoon sun. Do you have a preference? (indoor, outdoor, quiet, electricity, tables request, chairs available, etc.)
Restrictions: Do you have any? such as limit number of participants, level of experience required, etc. Be specific
Experience Level (rate the level of experience appropriate for participants on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is little or no previous experience and 5 is advanced or expert knowledge expected.
little to no previous experience
advanced or expert knowledge
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Intensity: Rate the intensity level of this workshop on a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is relaxed, loose, not serious and 5 is physically, mentally or emotionally challenging, demanding or intense.
relaxed, loose, not serious
physically, mentally or emotionally challenging, demanding or intense
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Please complete a separate form for each workshop you will present
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