Cal South In Service Video Review - Penalty Area Decisions
To receive one (1) hour of In-Service training (required for recertification) watch the Video Training and complete this short review and survey.

To review the Laws here are the links:
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FIFA Considerations - Detailed
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The purpose of this review is to gain a better understanding of the laws and considerations so you are able to make the tough decisions on the field of play.

There is no pass or fail.

Should you get an answer incorrect review the LAWS, video or applicable text. The goal is to better understand how to apply the laws and best practices in our matches, for the enjoyment of all.

If you have any questions review the LAWS, notes, guidelines and FIFA's Analysis of Match Situations (Considerations).

After you click submit you will have the option to review the answers.

CIRCLES have only one correct answer.

SQUARES have two or more answers.

Have fun...
You Make the Call
The following links are video clips from US Soccer. There are two correct answers. The call/restart and the correct consideration that applies to the incident. The restart/call answers are provided by US Soccer.
Questions 1 & 2 - Video
1. What is the restart and foul? *
2. What is the applicable consideration? *
Questions 3 & 4 - Video
3. What is the restart and foul? *
4. What is the applicable consideration? *
Question #5 - Video
The decision by FIFA and US Soccer is No Foul
5. What is the applicable consideration? *
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