Thermal imaging camera Offer

Want to save money on your energy bills? Hackney Council is taking action to keep residents warm this winter by offering free access for 24 hours to a thermal imaging camera in partnership with Library of Things - in Dalston CLR James Library. 

Register with a Hackney postcode to borrow this item for free to make your home more energy efficient to save money all winter long.

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How to sign up for this offer?
  • Fill in this form
  • Sign up to join Library of Things by visiting:
  • Credit will be added to your account on 1 March 
  • You will receive an email to the address provided here to confirm we have added your credit.
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How to reserve the camera
  1. Login to Library of Things to access your credit:  
  2. Go to the catalogue and select a date to make your reservation: 
  3. You will need to pay £1 membership fee at the checkout [Hackney will add an extra pound to your credit]
  4. Upload your ID ahead of collecting your item
  5. A bank card is required to reserve online
  6. We offer 24 hours free use - any additional days will be conveniently credited to your card. 
Information about the thermal camera:

- Helps you visualise the hot and cold spots that can indicate electrical faults, mechanical break-downs, or air and water leaks
 -Saves money, £344 less than the RRP
- Kinder to the planet, 0.40 kg waste saved from landfill
- It was the most loved/borrowed 'Thing' in December
- Rental price is £10 (full price) - £7.50 (discounted rate)
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