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This form allows you to anonymously submit a notice regarding any negative experience you (or someone else) may have had or have witnessed in connection with the UiO Gaming community; such as situations regarding bullying, harassment, or other uncomfortable experiences. If you are in doubt about whether you should send a warning notice or not, we prefer you do so anyway. We would rather receive an extra warning notice than to miss out on one.

Your notice will be received by the UiO Gaming board who will follow up on the issues as needed based on the individual situation. We are committed to keeping your identity anonymous and confidential. If you wish to provide your name so that a member of the board may follow up with you personally, you may do so in the final part of this form.

Questions marked with an 🔴* are required to be answered, even if your answer is N/A (not applicable) or "unsure."

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Are you a member of UiO Gaming? 🔴* *
What is the incident / negative experience you want to report? Please provide as much information as possible. 🔴* *
Do you know of any other people who witnessed or may have heard about the incident? If so, please provide their names and a brief description of how they are involved. 🔴* *
Where did this occur? (You can check multiple boxes.) 🔴* *
If your experience occurred at any of our events, please specify which. (You can check off multiple boxes.)

If you want the UiO Gaming Board to know your identity, please share your name and a way to contact you (email / phone number / discord) below.  We tend to take contact through Discord, so if you prefer to be contacted another way please specify so.

If you want to remain anonymous, please skip these final questions and submit your form.

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