The Colored Conventions Project: Teacher Memo of Understanding
Welcome to the team! Thank you for contributing to our mission. By responding to the statements below, you agree to the project's guidelines for participation.
The Colored Conventions Project attends to issues of race and gender equity and bias, historical and present-day. We ask all instructors to commit to confronting the under-representation of women in the convention minutes and to articulating their substantial contributions to reform and organizational movements of the nineteenth century. *
I will assign a connected Black woman such as a wife, daughter, sister, fellow church member, etc., along with every male convention delegate. This is our shared commitment to recovering a convention movement that includes women’s activism and presence—even though it’s largely written out of the minutes themselves. *
I will share CCP's opt-out policy and inform students that their work may be published online and that CCP reserves the right to remove and edit material as necessary. *
CCP encourages collaborative uses of data sets and visualizations between the project and its partners. I acknowledge that, by contributing data sets, statistics, static and interactive images, CCP reserves the right to edit and publish this content as owner. I will inform CCP if I do not desire for my name to be mentioned in attribution and credit lines. *
I will not publish or share with other parties CCP data sets or statistics that I have received without the project's written consent. *
CCP provides written and video instructions for student uploads. I will have each student upload cultural biographies (of people, places, events) to the site or I will email student entries to *
My students and I will use the research guides provided (letter collections, databases, census records, etc.) and pay close attention to permissions guidelines. *
I will fill out and submit the Quality Control spreadsheet along with student biographies. *
I will respond to the assessment request about my teaching experience(s). *
By signing below, I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the Colored Conventions Project’s terms and conditions. *
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