TEDx Nurture, Ithaca, NY, May 2021
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TEDx Nurture, Ithaca, NY May 2021
Amplifying the Voices of Caregivers
We propose an expertly produced and filmed TEDx Nurture event at a prime Ithaca venue, on Saturday, May 8, 2021, the day before Mother’s Day with speaking opportunities for parents, farmers, nurses, teachers, and all other nurturers.

Humanity is hurting. It is clear that unless we shift from profits to nurturing as the guiding principle of our society and economy, we will all suffer greatly.

Mother Up! and Mama's Comfort Camp, projects of the Center for Transformative Action a Cornell University Affiliate, and a wealth of community collaborators are coming together to amplify the voices of the mothers and the nurturers.

In this program, we will not just invite participants to step up to the scary spotlight with a leap of faith. We are committed to helping speakers grow wings with expert coaching for speaking, performance, and memorization, so they arrive at this high-visibility event ready to shine.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion, and will support the participants in crowdfunding for the cost of their participation in the extensive program coaching. We are excited about creating this platform for mothers and other nurturers to speak truth to power, change hearts and minds, and create ripples of positive change.
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For speakers and coaches: tell us more about yourself, your skills, and your passions.
Our official application form will go live in September and will require more information. For now feel free to tell us as much or as little as you like.
For support and services providers: what do we need to know about you and your capacity to help?
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Thank you for your early interest.
We look forward to bringing this beautiful vision to life together.
Hugs all around.
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