Captain John Reopening Survey 2020-2021
As you are aware, the conditions around COVID-19 across the country and in our state continue to change. KTJUSD is working on a plan to reopen our schools safely, and your input is important to us. Thank you for your participation. The information you provide will be kept confidential and not shared outside of our school management team.
Name of person completing survey and best contact number. *
How many of your children attend Captain John high school? *
Please submit the names of your students so that we know your response has been recorded. *
We are discussing a blended learning structure with students coming to school two days a week in small cohorts of 8-10 students made up of families/social groups. Assuming we are able to continue with this plan, please indicate your response below. *
I will keep my child(ren) home for distance learning
I will send my student to school to participate in site-based learning.
What are your childcare needs? *
Following safety guidelines with busing students to school will have a big impact on what services we are able to provide. We'd like to know your level of reliance on our bus services. *
Please indicate your level of internet access at home. *
We are planning to have a "town hall" zoom meeting next Tuesday, July 21st at 5:00pm. What questions would you like to have answered at that meeting?
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