The recruitment of Lindenbaum Precollege
Lindenbaum Pre-college hosted by Dwight School Seoul Application Guide
The Lindenbaum Pre-College programme offers students the opportunity to participate in a highly qualified orchestra, sectional lesson and college level associated academic program for students ages 8-18 who show the passion, talent and global leadership for prestigious musical experiences.

■ Overview
Lindenbaum Pre-College, opening in March of 2019.

1.Development: All students who are enrolled in the Lindenbaum Pre-College Programme will be taught by our inspiring, professional faculty. Our faculty is the most qualified faculty in the country for all sections of orchestra and each
instructor is passionate about helping each other and every student reach their full musical potential.

2.Collaboration: Every year, the Lindenbaum Festival has collaborated with topclass universities including the University of Oxford, Harvard University, MIT Media Lab, Yehudi Menuhin School and Yale University. We plan to continue this collaboration through the Lindenbaum Pre-College Programme to provide our students the experience of networking with students and faculty from the world’s top-class universities.

3.Experience: Students will have the opportunity to perform in globally recognized venues such as the UN, the DMZ, Harvard-Paine Concert Hall, Yale-Woolsey Hall and Yehudi Menuhin Concert Hall.

■ Recruitment
We are actively recruiting students who play violin, viola, cello, double bass, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, trombone, tuba, percussion and saxophone.

■ Eligibility
Talented students, ages 8-18.
In order to be admitted, the student, irrespective of his or her nationality (whether or not the student has or does not have a citizenship in a foreign country), must satisfy the following requirements:
One or more of the student’s parents is a foreigner (has a passport from a country other than South Korea); or
When the student is a Korean national, then he or she must have resided in a foreign country for a minimum of three years. A person who has dual nationalities including that of Korea (whether a parent or child) is deemed as Korean under Korean law. Parents are required to submit a family registry proving relationship to student(s). Korea Exit/Entry Statements are also required to establish eligibility.

■ Benefits
Collaborate with the world’s top universities and perform in globally recognized venues. The Lindenbaum Pre-College Programme can also be incorporated into the IB Diploma as part of the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Services) Programme.

■ Curriculum
There will be two semesters, each lasting approximately 15 weeks. The programme will be held every Saturday from 17:00 - 20:00. Students will take part in special performances and opportunities, the Lindenbaum Festival and private recitals.

17:00-17:50 Academic Class (Art, Science, Music History, Math, etc)
18:00-18:50 Sectional Orchestra Class
19:00-20:00 Orchestra Class

■ Admissions Requirements
1) Fill out an Google form (Application) provided below.
2) Upload 5-minute video recording of the student performing a song of their choice. Please begin by introducing your name, your instrument, your school and the name of piece you have chosen and send it to
3) The application must be completed and submitted online (google form) by 19th March, 2019.
Applicants will be informed by 19th March, 2019 as to whether they have been accepted as students in the Lindenbaum Pre-College Programme.
4) Application fee 100,000 KRW (Dwight School KEB Hana Bank 990-091184-939 ) Non-refundable

*Dwight School Seoul is the FIRST fully authorized IB World School in Seoul. Dwight is committed to finding and igniting the spark of genius in every child.

■ Contact and Inquiry
Lindenbaum Pre-College / Dwight School Seoul
Tel: 031-973-3390 / cell phone: 010-7167-6493
Instagram: lindenbaum.precollege

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