Live Stream: Event Information
Tell us more about your event. This information will ensure that we are prepared with the proper gear and staff. Multiple responses are allowed, so you may share this with the person/team managing technology for this event.
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Event Location *
Indoor / Outdoor?
Describe the event space a bit.
Room size, expected # of guests, table layout, is there a stage, what's the lighting situation, etc.
How many people will be speaking at the event? (total, including introductions)
Describe the audio setup.
Will there be a microphone at a podium? A wireless mic and a sound technician? A lapel mic for each speaker? Be as specific as possible.
Will the presenters be stationary (ex: at a podium), or moving around (ex. handheld or lav mic)?
Will there be access to a dedicated, wired ethernet connection at the event location?
We typically set up near the sound board or somewhere in the back of the room. It's important that this line is not shared by multiple users. Internet connection issues are the most common cause of streaming failures, so it's crucial that we have access to the most possible bandwidth.
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Is there a dedicated wireless internet connection available?
This serves as a backup network in case the hardwired ethernet line fails for any reason. Same thing, though - a public network gets crowded quickly, so having a dedicated private wifi network is ideal.
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Will a table and AC power be available for us in this location?
We don't need much - roughly a 6' table and one outlet within 25' or so is sufficient.
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Will the presenters be using a computer to present slides onto a TV or projector? If so, describe the setup as specifically as possible.
This is an important element because we will need to tap into this computer's signal as one of the video sources. The best signal is an HDMI out from the laptop. We can use an HDMI splitter to clone that signal.
How many cameras would you like to have covering this event?
Our minimum / default setup is two stationary cameras + one computer signal. We can host a maximum of 10 video input sources.
Where would you like this event to stream to?
We stream to a private Vimeo link by default, but can also stream to multiple destinations simultaneously.
Would you like this stream to be public or private (only those with the direct URL can access)?
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Who will be presenting and what are their titles?
We can create lower third to introduce these people. Provide their name (including suffix's like Ph.D. or M.D.), organization/company, and title. Please double check spelling!
Is there anything else you'd like for this event, like a highlight video, still photos, etc.?
Anything else?
Share anything else you'd like us to know about the event that wasn't covered above. This will help us provide a more accurate cost estimate.
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