VentsDay: Peace, Love & Road Rage
Somebody cut you off in traffic, or not stop for a crosswalk because they were on the phone? Here's your chance to vent about it. Our other topic: what's the number one "hippie city" in our region?

Views will be read on our VENTSday segment, happening live on Wednesday, January 20 from 8:30-9am PST, only on Jefferson Public Radio's News and Information Service, found on 13 frequencies across the region, and online at Join us live for VentsDay by calling 800-838-3760.

Which habits on our shared roadways, sidewalks and paths frustrate you the most? *
Whether you're a driver, biker, hiker, trucker, walker, skater or use some other means to get around, please let us know in your answer.
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Which town gets your vote for the most "hippie" community in the State of Jefferson? *
Think vibes, man. Also progressive activism, meditation, yoga, environmental awareness, an astounding selection of homemade granola, marijuana, a bicycle culture...
What's your first name? *
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And your city and state? *
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Want us to call you during VentsDay so you can speak your piece personally around 8:45 Wednesday morning? If yes, leave a phone number here. If no, just skip this one. Contact information will not be shared with anyone besides the host and producer of the Jefferson Exchange.
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