Operation Surf Santa Cruz (April 11-17, 2019)
This trip is completely paid for by Operation Surf and is no cost to you. THE DEADLINE FOR THIS APPLICATION IS February 1, 2019. Your submission and acceptance is a commitment on your part, please check your schedules thoroughly to plan for a great trip! You will be required to attend ALL activities during the week. If you have questions, please contact Amanda Curaza at amanda@operationsurf.org or call (805) 544-7873. All information received from this application is strictly private and confidential. Visit www.operationsurf.org for more information on Operation Surf.

Unfortunately, not everyone who applies can be chosen so please be THOROUGH, and COMPLETELY answer every question to the best of your ability. There will be a second application and phone interview during the final selection process. Before you begin, please be prepared to attach a copy of your DD214 (or drivers license if you are active duty) to this application. Once you begin this application you cannot save and come back to it, please be prepared to finish it or save your work on a separate document. We will be in touch with you after your submission.

"Operation Surf was an incredible experience that I almost missed out on that I wish everyone could experience. It is so much more then surfing. Operation Surf is about healing, brotherhood, bonding, and turning to the water to let go of some of life’s struggles. After my amputation I wanted to return to surfing but did not know how. When I was approached about going on the San Luis Obispo, CA Operation Surf I was hesitant because I felt there were others much more deserving to attend than I. I am grateful for Heather (Recreational Therapist at the Center for the Intrepid) for telling me that it was a life changing event (even though I did not believe her). Operation Surf is one of the most incredible programs anyone could attend as each participant changes throughout the week. Surfing has given me my life back as I look forward to taking my problems to the ocean and let the water heal me. It was the turning point in my life post injury and my wife and I are truly grateful for the experience!" - Jake, U.S ARMY GREEN BERET

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Please utilize this section to give us an opportunity to get to know you. Good topics to include are family life, personal story, military combat experience, areas in life you wish to improve, challenges you have faced, etc.
In 500 or more words please tell us about yourself and why you feel that you should be chosen to participate in OPERATION SURF. (Surfing is all about the mental and physical effort. Be sure to put effort into this and think about it before you submit it. Refer to the suggested topics above as they are VERY helpful in our selection process). *
For Verification Purposes (if retired) please attach your DD214 (You may black out your SS# and leave just the last 4 digits). All information received from application is strictly private and confidential. If you are active duty please attach a copy of your driver's license. *
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