Inclusion Festival 2023 Ticket Gift Program Application
We recognize that many disabled individuals struggle to balance their social, emotional, and financial needs. In response, we are are proud to offer a Ticket Gift Program. Anyone who wishes to support a disabled individual in need or an organization that works with the disability community, including those who do not plan to attend Inclusion Festival, can positively impact another’s life by making a monetary tax-deductible donation to our Ticket Gift Program with or without a nominee in mind.

You are invited to nominate yourself, an individual in need, an organization, or a family in need by filling out the application below.
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How many tickets would be a perfect gift for this individual or organization? (Consider friends, family, caregivers who would be attending Inclusion Festival with them.). ***Please note that we will do our best to accommodate as many requests as possible, but may not be able to gift the full number of requested tickets.
Why should this person (or group) be gifted tickets to Inclusion Festival?
How has the nominee's disability impacted their life?
What inspires you about the nominee(s)?
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