Catalogue Population nomination form
IamaGoodTraveller’s web marketing platform will be used by both Destinations and Travellers to share and highlight their efforts towards Sustainable Development and Responsible Travel.

Call for “Early Adopters” is now underway. Early Adopters will participate in the last phase of the Test Cycle (Catalogue Population) and evaluate the usability and effectiveness of our solution before the launch.

Herein we remind you of the Destination selection requirements for our Catalogue Population test phase:
- Tourism Destination with an administrative organisation, governance structure, or a destination management organisation (DMO or DMC)
- Contiguous geographical area
- Area limit of 10.000 squared kilometers
- Commitment to Sustainable Development Goal(s)
- Active engagement in sustainable tourism
- Meaningful engagement with local communities
- Example of Best Practices in sustainable tourism

If your Destination meets all the requirements, please submit your Nomination Form.

We remain at your full disposal should you require more information. Ask your question(s) or request a Skype conference to

The IamaGoodTraveller Team
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