Custom High Performance MasterMind Full Application
You should commit at least 30 minutes to completing this form. We recommend, you do not continue until you can commit that amount of time.

I'm excited you are here and reading past that last statement! I'm personally motivated by this process - by meeting new people and the prospect of helping empower YOU! Just a little more business, then the form... then we get to get to it!

There will be a membership fee associated with your mastermind. That fee will be determined by a multitude of factors - most importantly: You will only get out of it, what you put into it.

We do not want anyone to even enter this process that does not understand you will be expected to attend, participate, and significantly contribute to your mastermind. We will work to ensure you are given ample environment to flourish, but you will agree to a contract committing to your group at the appropriate time. If you don't like any of these thoughts - please don't even complete this form.

Completing this form does not guarantee you will be invited to join a mastermind.

The following steps are required to be considered as an applicant and potentially join a mastermind, or have one created surrounding your personal situation:
1. Complete this detailed application
2. Complete a one on one interview and discussion

At the completion of that process, your profile will be completed. Selection and Placement criteria will be established, and then we will start searching, analyzing, and connecting... patience is a virtue. We will be working hard to find and build your perfect mastermind group.

If you are selected for a custom mastermind, it may be up to 60, even 90 days after you complete this application before your custom mastermind is built. If you are selected to join a mastermind in progress, that may be less time. Either way, there is no promise you will be selected to become an active participant in any of our mastermind programs.

Please be honest and open with all responses to ensure you are fitted with the best situation possible.
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