ASD elementary teacher survey
The following survey was created by ASD60. ASD60 is a coalition of parents and community members across the Anchorage School District who are advocating for one 60-minute block for recess and lunch at every ASD elementary school. We are advocating for our children. We do not want to lengthen the school day and instead propose a range of options about achieving our goal. We want to hear from you--our teachers--about current scheduling at your school, your reaction to our proposed schedule changes, and other options you might suggest. Your individual answers are confidential and will be aggregated with all other responses. Only the aggregated results will be shared with ASD and the ASD School Board. There are no required questions and you can stop at any time. Should you decide to leave your contact information, your answers will be de-identified, meaning your contact info will be separated from your responses. Find out about us at
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