Neighbors in Need - Lawrenceville Businesses
The Neighbors in Need Crisis Fund exists to provide small, one-time financial assistance grants to small businesses in our community who are going through an unexpected crisis.

If approved, funds will be made directly to the relevant entity (e.g. landlord, utility company, etc.). If there is no entity owed money, a payment may be distributed directly to the applicant (proof of purchase may be required).

In addition to this application, please provide the following documents to demonstrate eligibility via email to (please include NIN in the subject line and your full name and business name in the email):
* Proof of need (e.g. notice of pending eviction or utility shutoff, health care bills, etc.)
* Payee name and mailing address
* Other documents you believe would be helpful to demonstrate financial need

A committee of Lawrenceville community members oversees approval of the funds. We aim to make decisions within 2 days of receipt of the application, with checks cut within 7-10 days.

For any questions concerning eligibility or for more information about the program, please contact Lawrenceville Corporation at 412.621.1616 or Lawrenceville United at 412.802.7220.
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