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Hi, we’re Keith and Kourtney, and we’re starting a podcast with the support of the Community Development Learning Initiative and LiveWire Calgary. The proposed name is Kourt & Keith, Connecting Calgarians (K2C2).

We’re seeking stories from communities about people who are making an impact in ways that aren’t always obvious. We’re looking for the people who are humbly going about their work, making those small ripples leading to larger ones, positively improving quality of life for others. As a community leader we know you see the others around you who shy away from the spot-light. Our ask is that you nominate a deserving person to be part of our podcast series that showcases how community development isn’t about the biggest move but rather a collection of small actions. Because Calgary is a beautifully diverse city, we want to feature a diverse group among age, gender, ethnicity, location, type of community, type of involvement/work.

What’s a Community? A group of people connected around a shared attribute. It could be physical location, shared interest, or common trait. Communities are all sizes, formal and informal, and
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