depending on how you answer, we will know with infinite percent certainty whether or not you are indeed a replicant, feign enjoyment of white claws, and/or believe in horoscopes, all extremely essential information in building your new, perfect style, as regulated by the NRA and the penguin workers' union

send all love letters (I keep them all in a special drawer right by my cozy socks) and/or expletives to our customer helpline -- -- bonus points if it's in Shakespearean

with everlasting love,
the jampack team
(dictated, not read)

p.s. JAMPACK offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are dissatisfied with your style

p.p.s. payment info is at the bottom of the form vvvv

p.p.p.s. eh I'm just having fun at this point
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What situation are we styling for? Alone time on a beach? Something to get you pumped up? How can we help enhance your life with the power of awesome **music**??
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What is your spirit animal? What sicko invented the 5-second rule?
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Any songs/artists we should listen to as reference points? What do you love about them? *
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Type your great-great grandchild's middle name here
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What would you rather do for vacation?
You hear a knock at your door and open it. Lo and behold its the police and they have a warrant for your arrest. What crime is it for? How did they catch you?
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Any dietary restrictions?
If you selected "Locally Sourced," which locale would you like to focus on?
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On a scale of white bread to esoteric seeded bread, how freaky do you want your stylist to get???
White Bread (same genre, same style, similar to your specified music)
Damn-Near-Tree-Bark (different genre, different style, really experimental)
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On which streaming service would you prefer the delivery of your jammin' new look?
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venmo: nissimgonemissin $7.99 with "jampack" in the note!! we will refund you the requisite amount if you input a valid promo code :)))
100% money back guarantee!!
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