BRS West - Rosh HaShana Survey 5781
This survey is to help determine BRS West minyan options for Rosh HaShana ONLY. Yom Kippur options will be coming soon...
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Children’s Programming Accompanied by a Parent
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Choose the Schedule that works best for your family: Minyan Switch and Minyan Split
There are a number of configurations that will allow us to provide socially distanced minyanim, while taking into account that families with young children cannot attend at the same time:
1. MINYAN SWITCH: Early minyan (6:30am) late minyan (9:30am). Parent A could attend the early minyan, and Parent B could come to Shul for the late minyan with their kids. We could run a short outdoor kids program with shofar blowing and a story accompanied by Parent A, and then Parent A could go home with their children, leaving Parent B to daven.
2. MINYAN SPLIT: Parent A attends the early Minyan (6:30am) for Shacharis and Leining only. Parent B attends the later minyan (9:30am). Parent A then returns for a Shofar / Mussaf service in the afternoon (3:00pm or 5:00pm)

(The Shofar / Mussaf Options also enable people to attend for only that part of the service, if they are uncomfortable attending for longer periods.)

Depending on interest, we could make some of these options outdoors and indoors. Please answer the question below assuming that you’ll be davening in your location of choice.
Examples of Rosh HaShana family schedules:
Pick your own schedules - Please select which all options your family would be interested in attending.
6:30am Shacharis / Leining
8:15am Shofar / Mussaf
9:30am Kids and Parents Shofar / Story / Programme
9:30am Shacharis / Leining
11:15am Shofar / Mussaf
3:00pm Shofar / Mussaf
5:00pm Shofar / Mussaf
More input please!
We have tried to include some workable options for Rosh HaShana this year, knowing full well that we have most likely missed something. Please use the space below to let us know your ideas, questions or suggestions. We'd love to work with you to ensure that this Yom Tov is as uplifting and inspiring as possible for you and your family.
Questions, Comments, Suggestions
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