Blended Learning Community: Student & Parent/Guardian Questionnaire
Please take a moment to reflect on the following questions. Your honest responses are important as we work to create your learning program. We would encourage students and parents/guardians to fill this out together.
Student First & Last Name: *
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Parent/Guardian First and Last Name: *
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Please provide the best daytime contact phone number for the parent/guardian. *
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What grade is the student in now? *
As a parent, why are you interested in having your child participate in our Blended Learning Community? *
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Does your student have unique learning needs, such a disability of an intellectual, physical, sensory, emotional or behavioural nature, a learning disability or special gifts and talents? If so, please describe. *
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How did you hear about our program? *
Why do you want to be a part of this program? *
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What are some of your hobbies and activities? *
What do you like to do for fun?
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What are some of your strengths and interests at school? *
What do you like about school now or in the past?
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What do you find more difficult or tricky at school? What are you working on? *
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Which statement best describes your effort with your learning? *
How would you rate your time management skills? *
I often wait until the last minute to do things. Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed with my learning because I do not pace myself very well.
I am very organized, I know how to and work well with schedules and due dates. I am able to breakdown my tasks into manageable chunks.
Will you have an adult at home during the day to support your learning? *
Do you have the internet and access to a computer? *
A limited number of laptops are available for loan upon receipt of deposit.
Are you prepared to attend classes in person multiple times per week? *
The weekly schedule can be found on our website:
This program offers a much different learning environment than a traditional school. This flexibility comes with a much different set of responsibilities. Are you prepared to work hard, participate actively, ask for help when needed and become an active member of our learning community? *
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