Spring Plant Sale Order
Thank you for supporting the NCHS Spirits Color Guard and Naperville Central Bands!

Please make your plant selections and calculate your total below. Please make checks payable to NCHS BBA. Checks can be mailed to Jeanette Golk, 252 Bay Colony Dr., Naperville, IL 60565.

Plants will be delivered to NCHS approximately the second week of May. Once delivery date is set, the pick up details will be communicated.

Orders and payment must be submitted by 4/15/2020.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeanette Golk: jmgolk@gmail.com or 630-347-1130.

If you would prefer to fill out a paper order form and mail it with payment (as indicated above) here is a link to the plant order brochure. https://drive.google.com/open?id=15ZUjYBodlfklUIsONcSVOtVKn7uynTCO
Please print the last page, fill out and send with your payment. Thank you!

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Succulent Cedar Frame $21.00
Captionless Image
Wave Petunias $11.00 (full sun/partial shade) (sold in 6 packs)
Captionless Image
Qty 1 ($11)
Qty 2 ($22)
Qty 3 ($33)
Qty 4 ($44)
Blue Wave Petunia
Red Wave Petunia
Rose Dawn Petunia
Vegetables and Herbs $11.00 (sold in 6 packs)
Captionless Image
Qty 1 ($11)
Qty 2 ($22)
Qty 3 ($33)
Qty 4 ($44)
Sweet Basil
Cherry Tomato
Bell Pepper
Jalapeno Pepper
Landscape Flats $15.00 (sold in 36 packs)
Captionless Image
Qty 1 ($15)
Qty 2 ($30)
Qty 3 ($45)
Qty 4 ($60)
Begonia Green Leaf Mix (shade)
Begonia Bronze Leaf Mix (shade)
Blue Chill Pansy (full sun/part shade)
Raspberry Dianthus (full sun/part shade)
Dusty Miller (full sun/part shade)
Impatiens Mix (shade/part shade)
Marigold Mix (full sun)
Petunia Mix (full sun/part shade)
Red Salvia (full sun)
Snapdragon Mix (part shade)
Hanging Baskets $20.00
Captionless Image
Qty 1 ($20)
Qty 2 ($40)
Qty 3 ($60)
Qty 4 ($80)
Evening Delight Mix (full sun/part shade)
Primary Palette Mix (full sun/part shade)
Jambalaya (full sun/part shade)
Rose Begonia (part shade/shade)
Red Begonia (part shade/shade)
Yellow Begonia (part shade/shade)
Pink Geranium w/ Vinca (full sun/part shade)
Red Geranium w/ Vinca (full sun/part shade)
Violet Geranium w/ Vinca (full sun/part shade)
Red White Blue Petunia Mix (full sun/part shade)
Color Bowls $19.00
Captionless Image
Qty 1 ($19)
Qty 2 ($38)
Qty 3 ($57)
Qty 4 ($76)
Choice Flambeau (full sun)
Elemental Twilight (part shade/shade)
Mosaic (part shade/shade)
Serendipity Shift (full sun)
Zenith Design (part shade/shade)
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