OSM contributor research: Open data imports
Mapbox works through a new program, Mapbox Cities, directly with cities and is currently outlining best practices to help cities understand the value of making municipal data available for import into OSM. Your input can help us design documentation to improve this process for cities worldwide.

If you have someone else who has experience with this, feel free to forward this form! The more submissions the better :)

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What is your highest priority for the map in your urban region? Why?
For example - bike lanes or electric vehicle charging points.
Which datasets could you imagine would make most sense to import?
For example - bike lanes, because this ties into a new policy in your city.
Which datasets should be imported but need to be updated regularly?
For example - electric vehicle charging points because they are going to be as important as gas stations for many new cars.
Which datasets does the local government have that you’re most interested in?
What is your biggest challenge with available open data in your city?
Give an example of a problem with a local municipal dataset:
Do you have a contact at your local government?
Do you know any OSM contributors employed by the city?
Have there been meetings with the local government (= are they recognizing the value of OSM)?
Any ideas, remarks, or links on this topic you want us to take into account?
Do you have any contacts at your local municipality you'd like us to speak with?
That's great! Please introduce Christina Franken, christina@mapbox.com and your contact by email.
Interested in how this project develops? If yes, please leave your email address to keep you in the loop:
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