Tech Crew Club Registration 2020
Parents, please fill out a separate registration form for each tech crew club member in your family. Please do not pay any fees until invited to do so by email. Please note: The three-week Tech Crew Club series starting Feb 29th through Mar 14th from 10-12:30 is not a guarantee of participating in Show Tech Crew for the Spring Musical - which requires a greater commitment and an available slot (see question 7). Note: returning Tech Crew Club members in good standing are guaranteed a spot in Show Tech Crew.
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All of the detailed information about Tech Crew Club and Show Tech Crew is on the website and we have reviewed it before signing up.There are limited spaces and we typically keep a waiting list after filling up.The expectations outlined on the website and in the Tech Crew Club information sheet must be met for continued participation. Please note that attendance is strongly weighted for Show Tech Crew offer decisions. Cell phones must be turned off and stowed during Tech Crew Club.As described on the website, participation in the three-week Tech Crew Club series does not guarantee a slot in Show Tech Crew for this year's spring musical.
About Show Tech Crew for Spring Musical...
In addition to the three-week Tech Crew Club series, the following dates are mandatory to participate in Show Tech Crew for the Spring Musical:

Tech Week
MAR 28 10:00-4:00 (Tech Crew 10-4)
MAR 29 12:00-4:00 All Cast / Crew
MAR 30 3:00 - 9:00 All Cast / Crew
MAR 31 3:00 - 9:00 All Cast / Crew
APR 01 3:00-9:00 All Cast / Crew
Apr 02 3:00-9:00 tentative if needed

APR 03 5:30 Call, 7:00 Performance
APR 04 12:30 Call, 2:00 Performance
APR 04 6:00 Call, 7:00 Performance
APR 05 12:30 Call, 2:00 Performance

Cast Party
APR 05 5:00-7:00 Cast party / Strike Sets
I have read all the mandatory dates above and my student is available and interested in being considered for Show Tech Crew for the Spring Musical. *
I give permission for SLS to use photographs / images of my child(ren) on the website and elsewhere to promote events. *
Universal Permission Slip *
I give my permission for my child(ren) to participate in any or all of the SLS events / activities for the current academic year (including but not limited to: Varsity Choir, Drama Camp, Fall Musical Revue, Spring Musical, Open Mic Night, any fundraisers, and Tech Crew Club / Show Tech Crew. This includes all auditions, rehearsals, meetings, performances, and celebrations, both on-campus and off. The musical director may require separate permission slips for certain Varsity Choir events. I understand transportation is my sole responsibility. I understand that I must also remit the non-prorated annual dues per family to participate in SLS activities (other than auditions, which are no charge). I understand there may be additional fees associated with these events / activities and that participation in some events may be contingent on a successful audition / selection process.
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