This March, Writers' Jam is on Friday 30.03.18
Stephen King has written over 50 novels and sold over 350 million copies in his forty plus years career as a writer. He didn't always write, but once he decided that creating thrills is what he'd do for the rest of his life, he started to write every day. At least six pages daily, according to the author himself.

For our next jam, let's find out what six pages look like. We'll also take a cue from the King and add in a writing element that we may not often think to. What is that element, I hear you ask? Come to the jam and find out!

It's $15 to participate, which includes a drink. Pay when you arrive, but let us know you are coming by signing up below.

Heartwrite Co. runs writers' jams regularly. If this is going to be your first time joining us, good on you and welcome to the community! So, what happens in these sessions?

- You'll meet fellow wordsmiths (beginners, avid, published! All sorts).
- We create prose or poetry based on a prompt, literary device or an element of storytelling.
- Workshopping!! That's when we give each other direct feedback on our writing
- Rewriting. Cos you know, writing is only 10% writing and 90% editing, elaborating, clarifying, etc

Closer to the time, we'll send you a confirmation of the venue! Fill in the registration form, and see you at the jam!

Ying and Huwaida of Heartwrite Co.

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