BuyAnyLight Youtube Campaign
☀ Follow our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
☀ Join our Telegram channel, Telegram Group and Bounty Group
☀ You must follow our Youtube channel
☀ You must have a minimum of 500 subscribers
☀ Your video about BuyAnyLight must have a minimum of 1500 views to be eligible for payment
☀ Video length minimum of 3 minutes
☀ Video must be original
☀ Deleted video during the campaign will be disqualified
☀ Your channel must have a minimum of 10 videos related to crypto
☀ You must promote BuyAnyLight in your video
☀ Must include keywords “BuyAnyLight IEO” on the title, tag, and description
☀ Add our social media link, website and IEO pages on the video description
☀ Must include hashtags #LEDlights #BuyAnyLights #BlockchainLEDmarketplace, our white paper link, and our sites address on description and videos.
☀ Must have 80 words about BAL on video description (do not copy from our website)
☀ Limit to 200 participants and a maximum of 1 video per participants
☀ Mention your bitcointalk profile on description or use credit at the end of your video
☀ Minimum Bitcointalk rank Member or Copper member
☀ Note: Create video after your status is accepted
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